Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer time and the livings easy....

um, not so much!

j-dog tore a ligament while hiking in the Olympics with John and Collin. OOPS! So he's essentially laid up for the next 3-6 weeks. No work, very limited modified play time. This kind of sucks! he's probably off his bike for good because the fixie pulls so hard on the knees. I'm very sad for him. He's feeling very old and broken this week but I don't hear the complaints coming from the hammock as I fetch him his beer. LOL!!! Most people would kill for a forced R&R of this caliber. I know I would.

This weekend we helped the doroshenks prime the house. Even Jeremy helped. Lord knows we couldn't keep him down. he's such a busy bee.... After a quick push to finish the job we sat in the yard drinking mojitos and planning our next big adventure. It's going to involve mass amounts of dehydrated foods and a 4 day trek over Labor Day in Glacier. Lets hope Jeremy's knee and my hip is feeling better by then. Otherwise, we might be car camping the whole time.

The garden is coming along and the first tomatoes are starting to turn. YEAH!!! we've already gone through one batch of radich and we're all burnt out on lettuce, spinach, mesclun already. I pulled an onion last weekend but they don't look ready quite yet. Our plot is the envy of the garden. It rocks!!!

When I'm not at the garden, I'm painting at Wild @ Art. It's my part time job a few days a week. It's been fun! I miss being artistic sometimes.

Cousin Earl popped in for a quick visit. That was fun, festive and unexpected. I wish more family would make the drive.

That about catches you up...