Friday, July 31, 2009

Long Live the Randomness of RPS

50 year lease

Moving Forward In Life

As we celebrate this landmark of the 7 year itch we can reflect on all we have accomplished, persevered and triumphed over. I think despite the fact that we don't have anything.... you and I have so much. We have each other, we have our health, we have our love and we have 43 years left on the lease.

What you don't know is that I'm not going to allow you to upgrade to a newer model even if the lease expires. I am yours and you are mine! You got that bub!!!

Seriously though.

When I think about the future and all that is unknown I get a little teary eyed because of the over abundance of love I feel for you! I think we will have that funky house with the cool industrial stair case. Just think of the fun things we'll create together in our shop. Our dahlias will be the biggest on the block.

I honestly don't know if we'll have children or not but I know I'll be happy with you by my side. I can't wait to travel the world with you. I can't wait to discover the next chapter in this journey of ours. I can't wait to pack up the next Uhaul.

You are my everything Sizza!!!!

What Love Looks Like......

Edgefield - early summer 09

5 years anniversary and going strong

The Edgefield

"Swinging" in Mexico 05

Smooching 09


- The Edgefield for Tiff's Birthday 06?

Jeremy's Birthday

Hiking at Dear Park- Port Angeles

Hurricaine Ridge

Magic Island, Oahu

Waimea, Oahu

A bus ride somewhere....

Swimming at the Blue Lagoons, Idaho

Camping, Idaho 2009

Snow, Idaho 2008

Fat Tire Festival, Portland 2005

Cheese 06?

Fishing at Spring Valley 08

Hot Tubbing 08

In Love 07

Playing and Making Memories

I think I'd rather show you what we did for then next few years. Between learning to body surf at Waimea, moving back to Seattle only to move to Portland, we had a lot of fun. We have fallen in love with each other over and over. It's a really special bond we have. I hope we never lose the ability to find each other special and unique.

Oh yeah- We picked up two furry hitch hikers in Seattle and a third when we eventually got here to Idaho. I hope you enjoy this little picture show of our family.

Time really flies when you are having fun!

Over the next few years we moved around. I hadn't realized that I married a gypsy. We sold all our belongings and moved to Hawaii for a year. That was fun! We snorkeled and worked. Worked and then went snorkeling. Not much else. We were too poor to do anything more than free. Oahu is an expensive place to live. We were living a working mans Hawaii. There were no luau's. No Mai Thais on the beach. We could barely afford milk but we were in love!

We would lay on our futon at night watching law and order on a tiny 6 inch b&w antennae tv his aunty had given us. We would watch gecko fights on our walls for fun. One day we came home and I discovered the tiniest little gecko smashed in the seal of the refrigerator. OH! I was sad for the little guy. I picked him of the seal and laid him on the counter for Jeremy to see. All of a sudden he started moving again. He was still alive and must have just been to cold. Jeremy put him on the window seal to leave him be. I looked back a few hours later and my little buddy was gone.

When we moved back from Hawaii I was unpacking and found this tiny little wooden box with my buddy inside. He had died that day but Jeremy didn't want me to cry so he hide him away. Sometimes it's ok to hide things from a spouse.....

Getting Hitched

A year and one day from that art walk I married the man of my dreams. We had a fantastic potluck party with friends and family at the park there at Rosario. We got married on the point overlooking Deception Pass in the shadows of a loan Madrona tree.

It was a beautiful day. We laughed, we cried, Jeremy forgot to put his shoes on for the ceremony. My maid of honor was almost late for the ceremony and she had the cake too. There was drama but there was laughter too. My dad did salmon, chicken and oysters. He saved an oyster for Jeremy. Being the new son in law, he swallowed his oyster and almost immediately started gagging and turned a little green. How brave is that? He kept it down!

We had such a great day in that park.

That night we stayed in Seattle thanks to friends who got us a room at a swanky hotel. We went to see a friends show at a punk bar in downtown. I refused to take off my dress. The bar gave us free food and drinks. Oh we had so much fun. LOL!!! We went to the martini bar and walked the city. It was so romantic and beautiful. Again, I refused to take off my dress. I was starting to feel the effects off all the days activities and the nights cocktails.

By morning I was done for! I was stuffed up and hacking. I couldn't breathe. Jeremy's beautiful bride looked like hell warmed over. He took me straight to the ER. I had walking pneumonia and had hid it pretty well till all was said and over. They stocked me up on meds and packed me back in the car. Off we went to Yellowstone for our camping honeymoon. To on steroids, starting my period, sicker than a dog and he still loved me.

Mom, I'm getting married....

We met August 2, 2001. That was a month before 911. Neither one of us will forget that day. We used to wake up with the clock radio playing late jazz. Hey- Don't judge!

That day the radio was doing frantic news reports. We woke up in that silly super single murphy bed that folded out of the closet and laid there listening to all the chaos unfolding. Jeremy asked me to please drive all the way around Seattle so I wouldn't go under the convention center. It was just to risky in his mind. I still go a little pitter pat when I think of the look on his face when he asked me to not question it and to just do it because he asked. He already was looking out for me in a way that no one ever had.

December of that year, we sat on the Bremerton Ferry coming back from his parents house. He had been giddy for days. He kept sneaking around and asking others if they'd like to see my present but wouldn't show me. I thought it was earrings. I really wanted a pair and had specifically asked for gold hoops. He teased me most of that ferry ride about having to wait for Christmas. It was two days before I think. He finally asked if I really REALLY wanted my gift. I of course was freaking out. He said to close my eyes and open up my hand. I did and he placed a small black box in my hand. I still at this point was thinking earrings.

I opened the box and just stared at it. A simple gold band...... "What is this? What does this mean?" He told me it was a promise ring. "A promise of what?" He tells me it's a promise of more to come.

The Camping Trip that started it all....

We discovered on the roof that I was that camping girl. He was that loner guy. We decided to commute together and meet the rest up at the resort. After all, I don't even think we had spent a night apart after that first date. I know...sinners!

I was taking everyone to Baker Lake. This is where I grew up. It's my stomping grounds. We were going to camp and hit the hot springs. Maybe take out a paddle boat. Big plans!

We made the 6 hr drive and set up camp in the designated spot but nobody showed. Most people didn't have cell phones back then. Even if they did, you wouldn't have gotten a signal up there. We kept one eye out but nobody came. They gave some lame excuse about not finding us. They stayed at a campground near Marblemount which is like an hour down the mountain and up highway 20. BS!!!! They didn't even try to find us. Were we set up?

Doesn't even matter because it was the best camping trip we've ever taken. Oh we were smitten on each other! We hit the hotsprings. We played frisbee. We relaxed in the hammock and ate yakisoba. I gourmet cook when we are car camping. I remember all these little silk worms dropping from the trees by the kazillions. They were everywhere. We found them in our car for weeks afterwords. We discovered that each of us loved to camp. We had all our own gear. I love a guy who can set up a tent as fast as myself.

On the way home from our little getaway, we took a side trip. I showed jeremy the Garlic Festival at the Love Isreal ranch in Arlington. He had never been to a gathering of this sort. We are talking HIPPY TOWN! These were my kind of folks. Drinking and dancing, babies running naked in the sprinklers, body painting and brownies. So much fun. I got my tarot cards read that day and the gypsy told me he was the one to give me happiness. She was so right!

That afternoon a little boy came by. We were just sitting in the grass watching the festival before us. This little boy had the uglies incense holders you had ever seen. They were made of clay and well, they were just ugly! But he was so professional and cute. He was only like 8 or 9 years old. I couldn't help myself. I picked out one of his trinkets and asked how much. $12 . Are you kidding me? $12 dollars for that hunk of ugliness. I pointed out to Jeremy that is was $12 to see that kid grin from ear to ear with pride.

We both learned a little more about each other that day. We contemplated all of this as we slowly drove home Von the Volkswagon on his doughnut. We got a flat tire at the resort somewhere between coming in and the Marines fighting in the hot spring parking lot. There was this gross bloody hand print one of them was so kind to leave on the bumper.