Monday, October 25, 2010

Reminiscing about Summer 2010

We really had a lot of fun this summer. Between the lab,the pottery studio and Jeremy's summer school physics class, we managed to squeeze in a little fun here and there.

Camping at Moose Creek- Jeremy and I rigged our own fishing gear out of scraps found in the reeds. Kelly thought it was pretty weird and slightly disgusting but I was having some good fun.

Watching or friends run- We joined the masses for Moscow Madness on Moscow Mountain. John and Kelly ran the marathon and we cheered them on. Kelly came in 3rd in her age group. YEAH Kelly!!!

The Garden- The crops this year were pretty funky and a major disappointment. We got a zillion tom's and that was about it. We only got like 5 zucchini's. How weird is that? The tomatillo's were a sham. Empty paper sacks with no fruit : ( We grew a bunch of other goodies for the J&K but we don't do beets, mustard and Kale in this house LOL. Even the peppers were sad for the Norton's. Oh well!!! There is always next year in Portland.

hmm... Blue Mondays were fun. We boycotted most other places to eat out and decided that Nectar is the place we wanted to frequent for Feel Good Friday. It's local food, good beer and nice owners. it's a small mom and pop place and has fantastic mac and cheese.

We did not however fulfill all we were wanting to do. We didn't make it to see the laser show at the Grand Coulee Dam, we didn't take the Doroshenks to the Edgefield, we weren't able to make it to the hot springs YET. We'll see.....

Post Summer update

All is well in Idaho. Summer is officially over! We had an excellent extended fall. It's been in the high 60's, low 70's for weeks but there is snow in tomorrows forecast. UGH! I'm not ready for it.

That's why I'm here reminiscing about this summers fun and frivolity. What first comes to mind is Glacier with John and Kelly. What an amazing adventure for me. For all of us really, but I am so proud of what I accomplished. We hiked 20 miles over 3 days time. We hiked mountains, glacier ridges, along Two Medicine and upper Two Medicine lake to Pompelly Pillar, up to Dawson's pass. We didn't actually follow the ridge along the mountain side- THANK GOD! it was very windy and J got a little nervous. The gusts were pushing 80 mph and made it very difficult to even stand up. Along the trail to get up there, we eye spied mountain goats and a few lady big horn. One of the most exciting things in my life was about 10 minutes into the adventure when we spotted our very first moose. There is even video of it! Ask and I might let you see it. It's not flattering for Jeremy or myself. Somebody dropped an EFF bomb and somebody else just about peed herself. LOL!!!

I was certainly pushed beyond what I thought I had limits. Apparently I am stronger and healthier than I ever could have imagined. Jeremy, John and Kelly had no problems at all. They really enjoyed themselves on the trail. I think the few beers they packed in made it all worth it. LOL! I have to admit that I could have used a cocktail on day two. In fact I could have used multiple. That's why I packed the painkillers. They are certainly lighter on the overall weight of your pack and due twice the duty! : )

I think we'll do more hiking in the future. Even though I'm not looking forward to winter, I am looking forward to trying out snow shoeing again. I was a disaster the first time but I am keeping the faith that I can do it. Jeremy really is itching to get up on the mountains again and I hate to disappoint him. Besides, it's basically free entertainment. I can't gripe about that!