Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So many updates, where to start?

We made the move to Portland.
Got a roommate.
Parted ways with the roommate.
Got pregnant.
Bought a house.
We had a baby girl.
I quit my job and transferred to another department. I am no EPIC certified.
Jeremy is a 3/4 stay at home dad and loving it.
Renovating and remodeling the house in almost every room. Ugh!
Traveling for work. Getting ready to go to Alaska. In October it will be Spokane.
Um.. Jeremy is taking a refresher in CAD. He's getting ready to transition into his career field.
Zoey is almost a year old and getting ready for daycare. If we can find one.

I think I'll go not more details in another post so I can document some of the little things and some of the big.