Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another chapter

128 more days in Idaho and we'll be heading back to Portland. I'm so excited I don't think I can contain myself. I'm jumping out of my jammies. LOL! I'm not looking forward to working in an office again. The drama, the commute, the constant chaos of people and activity is going to drive me crazy! I'm seriously not looking forward to that again.

I've enjoyed my time the best I know how here in Moscow. I think even Jeremy (old man) architect has found a small niche. We're really going to miss the Doroshenks. That's a shame! I do hope they'll come visit us sometime.

One thing I'm sad about is not having a place to garden. There are only about 800 p-patches in the Portland city limits and there are like 1500 people on the waiting list. UGH! Having such easy access to fresh food, herbs, meat has been an unexpected bonus to living in the middle of a wheat field. We've certainly gained a new appreciation for fresh products and I'm not sure we can go backwards again. I'll make it a priority to visit the farmers markets and shop there when possible.

yep- it's time for the next chapter. What will come in 2011? will we continue as DINK's? Have a baby? Go back to school? Who knows...

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  1. well hello you!! Do you remember me? Thanks for leaving a comment at my blog...its DR Tina from Obesity help..did we or did we not meet in person once? Portland will be great! Are you going to live in an apartment then? There are lots of farmers markets to go to if you cannot get a plot together but heck all you need is a big pot and a patio to grow some stuff.

    Happy return..we will have to meet up when you get back.