Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back home in PDX- June 2011

It has been quite awhile. I obviously am not a full time blogger. Have never made claims to be nor aspire to be. That being said... Graduation went well. We had a great party at the house and fun was had by all. Well all except those who were hurting the next day. Jeremy did his keg stands so that must mean college is finally over. YEA! The move was interesting with the 3 cats and goldfish in tow. LOL! we felt and probably looked like the Beverly Hillbillies.

We are back in Powell Crest and it's not the worst thing in the world. We have Matt for our Roomie for now. I'm hoping that the rent he pays will help to put a down payment on a home much sooner than later.

We've not really had a chance to get out and do much at all. Just working at the hospital for me. Jeremy is beating the streets putting out resumes and dropping applications like crazy. We made the trip North to see the Norton family and stopped in Centralia to have a pint at the Mcmenamins Olympic Club weekend before last. It was fun to see yet another of our favorites. We had our first company this last weekend. Chrissy and Mike stopped for the weekend so Chrissy could go to Dr. Sketchy. I discovered I'm not much of an artist but I do appreciate charcoal a lot more now.

We've been eating out entirely too much trying to over come the feel of food deprivation we experienced while in Moscow. It's been very tasty and rewarding. There are these marvelous street vendors everywhere in Portland. You would think they would be cheaper eats, but that is rarely the case. Most are high end cuisine chefs that have been displaced in the current economy. They can sure cook up some excellent street food!!!

Something crazy we noticed about Portland. The coffee industry turned pompous and ridiculous! We stopped in the shop next to Stumptown. They were having a tasting and spitting out the coffee. I consider that just short of sacrilegious. While I understand it, I don't agree. That my friends is America.

Oh I could go on... tea party politics, bad parenting, Female Thai PM in the news, shits fubar everywhere. As it should be due to RAPTURE. LOL!

Anyway... A few updated photos.


  1. Yay PDX!! Glad you are enjoying being home. You are greatly missed here on the Palouse. Been meaning to ask, how did Alpine do with the move?

    Take care - and have fun on the bridge pedal!

  2. email me! we can for sure get a drink.